Walar Community

The Walar community operates as an exclusive, discreet group comprising a select few members dedicated to providing a wholly independent suite of services for trusted individuals. Within this community, you'll find the unique Walar alphabet, a distinct Walar language, Walar Pay—a specialized payment system, Walar Private Network—a secure digital environment, and Walar Chat for all digital communication needs.

WalarCoin Tokenomics

Walar Coin boasts a maximum supply of 100 million, with a rewarding 100WLR granted for successfully mining a block every 5 minutes. Notably, a halving event occurs every 4 years. Importantly, the 100WLR reward is exclusively given to the miner who successfully mines the block within the specified time frame. The Tokenomics of Walar Coin is strategically crafted to enhance the value of WLR over time.

Walar Blockchain

The Walar Blockchain closely resembles Bitcoin's infrastructure, employing the SHA-256 (25.0) Algorithm. Engineered for decentralization, privacy, and efficient speed, the Walar Blockchain is accessible to both the general public and trusted Walar members. Crafted for lasting durability, it remains functional well into the future. Despite the potential for increased speed, our deliberate choice is to prioritize efficiency, ensuring sustained usability over time..

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